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Company Assurance on Food Safety, Food Safety Policy and Objectives

Company Assurance on Food Safety

The Management is committed and regards our customers’ safety as utmost important. We strive to produce and provide safe products for our customers. We achieve this by implementation of Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2005), thus ensuring that our products, its ingredients and its respective processes conform to the 7 principles of the HACCP system. Resources needed are identified and provided for the development and continuous improvement of the Food Safety Management System.

We identity all potential hazards in our raw materials and in each of the processing steps. We then determine the preventive and control measures for each of the identified hazards, including practicing GMP as an important pre-requisite program to Food Safety Management System.

Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices

By addressing all the elements in GMP, we intend to provide our customers with food product that is safe and of good quality. The elements that we looked into are

Process Flow

By maximizing our resources, we designed our plant layout, from the receiving of raw material to packing and loading of finished goods for distribution, to ensure a unilateral process flow to minimize the possible risk of cross-contamination.

Clean Room Concept

Clean room was built to control and attain a hygienic manufacturing environment. A specific changing area is constructed for workers entering these clean areas. The areas involved are the processing area and primary packing area.

Equipment & Utensils

We have implemented a suitable preventive maintenance program for all our equipment. All equipment is constructed of materials that facilitates cleaning and are easily maintained. Other utensils used are also suitable and do not contain hazardous materials during usage. Most utensils are constructed of plastic or stainless material. Pallets and trolleys used in the production area are maintained in good condition.

Staff Hygiene and Sanitation

We educate, train and instill awareness to all our employees in good personal hygiene practices. All employees are required to adhere to standard attire, follow proper hygiene practices and strictly observe company rules and regulation, as to ensure that they do not pose a risk to unsafe product handling.

Production Operations

Through planning and development, we have identified the possible areas of concern related to product safety during our production operations and therefore have taken proper control steps, such as installing appropriate monitoring of manufacturing conditions on a regular / scheduled basis.

Quality Control

As part of our verification activities, we conduct regular inspection on raw material, semi-finished products and finished products. In addition, we have also implemented a supplier quality assurance (SQA) program besides our routine inspection on our incoming raw materials.

Implementation of Food Safety Management System

With our commitment towards food safety, we commenced the implementation of the Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2005) into our manufacturing operation. With Food Safety Management System in-place, we would be able to control and monitor our risk in production by identifying the possible food hazards both in our raw material and process step, thus providing us a preventive maintenance system in line with our commitment to produce safe food for our customers. In view of this, our company has set out Food Safety Policy with its set objectives to gear our production to meet international standards.