We specialise in supplying 5 gallons bottled Drinking Water, RO water, Mineral Water, Alkaline Water and Water Dispenser.

Our ProductsGrander Technology Products

All Grander Technology products work on the same basis. They are filled with Grander information water which is the key active part of each product. The information water transfers an effect to liquids coming in close proximity.

Grander Water Revitalizers:

A wide range of devices exist which can be plumbed in to water mains to revitalize the water in entire buildings.

In-line devices: For installation in the mains water supply

A range of sizes is available from domestic pipe work up to large scale industrial. They are simple to install, no electrical supply needed, maintenance free, needs no servicing, “indefinite” life (based upon 20 years´ experience of use with no reduction in performance), easy to relocate when moving.

Flexi unit

A versatile way to revitalize water both at home and on the move. This device easily connects to most shower hose connections in both at home and in a hotel. Also very useful in the garden and kitchen.


The penergiser is filled with Grander Information Water and has a revitalizing and harmonizing effect on all beverages. It is suitable for use in glasses, cups and medium-sized jugs.

To revitalize a beverage, simply stir several times (for about 20 seconds) with the rod; a change in taste is usually immediately noticeable.

Energy Rod:

Submerged within water tanks, wells, lakes, even dirty water, to manage and revitalize the water inside.

Wooden Energy Boards:

The wooden energy boards contain a spiral copper tube, filled with Grander Information Water. Jugs of water, juices and alcoholic drinks and bowls of fruit all benefit from the revitalization effect. The boards are also effective in refrigerators to enhance vegetable freshness. The boards are also used adjacent to reverse osmosis water tanks.

Blue Water:

Sourced from an Alpine Spring in Austria, it is then subjected to the Grander revitalization process, resulting in a very high quality water with exceptional keeping qualities. Many users find that a small amount of Blue Water added to their regular drinking water (e.g. one capful per litre) is the optimum way to enjoy Blue Water. Other users prefer to drink a small glassfull once per day.


This pretty piece of jewelry is filled with pure, precious Grander Information Water. It transmits the forces of nature and has a harmonizing effect on the body, mind and soul.

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