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Our ProductsGrander Water Revitalizing System

We use the Grander technology in our water revitalizing system to produce the highest quality pure living water. It returns the drinking water to what it once was the “Wellspring of life”

The “pure living water” goes through double process and 16 purification stages to give it more purity and better taste. It’s many times more effective in bacteria control as compared to any other traditional methods. It produces higher dissolved oxygen to provide more energy.

The Grander Technology incorporates a device that transmits the natural frequencies of the earth’s magnetic field into the water.


The restoring of this natural information has the capacity to rectify the fundamental problems of our drinking water, and to restore the structure of water molecules damaged by pollution, addition of chemicals, processing and transmission in pipes.

The Grander process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable.

The Grander process involves a field effect generated by highly structured water ("information water") developed by Johann Grander. The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is "revitalized").

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10 Basic Functions of the Grander Water Revitalizing System
  • Remove all harmful frequencies emitted by pollutants and to reduce their negative impacts to our body.
  • To reduce the size of water molecules clusters thus enhancing their permeability into our body cell.
  • Increases the carrying capacity of metabolic waste from living cells hence improving its cleansing properties.
  • Control the growth of microorganisms within the water so that its shelf period is prolonged.
  • Increase the level of dissolved oxygen in water and accelerate the breakdown of biodegradable wastes.
  • Reduce the effect of free chlorine in water hence reducing skin irritation and protects our body’s immune system.
  • Reduce the unpleasant odors in water to make our food or drink taste even better.
  • Reduce the dirt in pipes, prolong the life-span of pipes.
  • Reduce the rust stain in culinary vessel, to make clean up easily.
  • The revitalized sewage water still have the ability to clean up, and make the sewers cleaner.

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