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Our ProductsDirect piping from Korea

Instant Hot Water and warm water ( 45*c) Direct Water Purification System from Korea
Selling Price RM 3199

Promotion Price RM 2880

Inclusive of Installation.


Power Consumption
(Hot) 2400W
(W)150mm x (D)400mm x (H)476mm

Filter System
  1. Compound Filter / Sediment + Pre Carbon Filter
    Removes up to 1 micron sized substances such as dust, sand, solid, etc. Harmful chemical such as cancer causing materials synthetic insecticide and chlorine are removed.
  2. UF Membrane Filter
    Spun with highly integrated techniques. It shows excellent water permeability through under 0.01-0.04 mic of stoma.
  3. Post Carbon Filter
    The last step of filtration which eliminates unpleasant odor, taste and makes the water tasteful by high quality carbon filter of coconut material.

DIY Filter and Save Time
Designed with hassle free easy twist DIY filter replacement, wait no more for any services maintenance appointment. All you need is a simple effortless twist to get the job done at your ease of convenience!
45°C Warm Water
A very warm cup of water in the morning can help cleanse your body by flushing out toxins. Water and other liquids help break down the food in your stomach and keep the digestive system on track. Warm temperature it is perfect 45°C to making milk for your baby.
Smart Filter Replacement Timer
Forgot when was the last time you changed your filter? Fret not! The filter replacement timer is in place to assist you to keep track of filter lifespan and prompt for timely replacement.

Nano Water Purifier System from Korea
Selling Price RM 1899

Promotion Price RM 1699

Include installation and GST


Power Consumption
(W)115mm x (D)463mm x (H)341mm

Filter System
  1. Dual Sediment Filter
    Remove Particle, Rust, Chlorine, VOCs and Prevents bacterial growth by Silver edition.
  2. Nano Stream PAC Ag Filter
    Removes Bacteria, Virus, Microbe, Heavy metal and prevents bacteria growth by Silver elution.
    It has Electro Positive Membrane, and it is like UF membrane filter but improved version.
  3. Silver Carbon Block Filter
    Removes Chlorine, Organic chemicals and prevents bacterial growth by Silver elution. Also makes better taste of water.

115mm Compact & Slim Design
The 115mm-wide slim water purifier can be installed anywhere and fits in any space. This product meets the needs of those who are reluctant to use a water purifier due to its large size.
Magnetic Tray
Designed with extra convenient Magnetic overflow tray. You can just simply remove the tray with water without opening any screw or pull harder from the dispenser body. Cleaning work of the dispenser become easier!
NCS Convenience System
When door opens, it will automatically shutoff water flow. Damage may occur when attempting to open the door more than 90°. Extra convenient ways to replace the filter cartridge.