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Water constitutes 70% of our body weigh. Water is prerequisite to life. We cannot survive without water for more than a few days due to dehydration.

Our body is made up of some 6 trillions cells each of which is constituted mainly from water and enveloped in water. Water is responsible for the vital activities and nourishment of these cells as it provides for the needs of more than 90% of intracellular biochemical reactions.

Without water, the circulatory system will be stalled, oxygen and nutrients will have no means of being transported to various parts of our body, and waste materials will accumulate being unexcreted. This will impede the normal functions of our body and vital organs.


Memory Of Water

The memory of water stores all the information it can obtain in an emotion-free and precise manner, good or bad, similar perhaps to a tape recorder which can record physical vibrations and can reproduce them as often as is wanted without the originally stored information being changed, reduced or lost.

We know today that the complex inner structure of the water has an effect on its properties. These different properties, for example, determine the length of time water remains fresh, the development conditions for micro-organisms in the water and, ultimately, how agreeable and compatible water is for all life forms (not least for humans) with which water enters into a symbiosis.

These important properties, which occur naturally in all water, are largely lost today, due to external influences (such as environment pollution).

The Structure

The structure of the water has an effect on all living organisms that need water. Its structure is part of what’s necessary for important control procedures in the organism, such as its “proper” growth.

There are a number of influences on water. The sun, the moon and the whole universe, for example, are part of a natural vibration process with the earth and also communicate with the element of water.

Artificially induced vibrations, however, which are also picked up by water are more of a problem. The inner structure of water can be disturbed by technical emissions from different sources, including cell phone transmitters, radio transmitters, satellite transmissions, power transmission lines and many others.

The basic idea behind Grander Technology is to return the inner structure of water to an optimum state and to give it a permanent stability, and the soothing effect of this enhanced water, which is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of users every day, speaks for itself.

The Properties

We find that water has an inner structure, and different structures change the density. For instance, the freshness that is affected and above all the microbiological properties that are very dependent on the inner structure.

Two chemically identical waters can have different biological properties. This means that one can have a different effect on a living organism to the other, even though they both have exactly the same chemical make-up.

It is therefore not sufficient to rate water purely by its chemistry and microbiology. We have to find a way to evaluate its structure. The physics of water is becoming more and more the centre of worldwide interest. An expert committee of the WHO (World Health Organization) has been looking into the subject of water structure for some time. Efforts are also being made to at least have the term “water structure” included in the international WHO guidelines for drinking water.